Birmingham based transportation company.

HH Travels are a highly dedicated, licensed and insured transporation company.

We work with customers throughout the UK, providing prompt and reliable transportation services for a range of travel needs, from day trips and events to general travel and airport transfers. We have designed our services to be highly competitive and efficient, ensuring you arrive on time.

Our drivers are extremely dependable, tidy, friendly and aim to make every journey hassle free and enjoyable for our passengers. In line with the latest regulations, we ensure to keep our vehicles clean and sanitise between journeys. Our drivers also keep to Health & Safety guidelines and ensure to keep a mask on at all times.

Our vehicles.

Here at HH Travels, we are committed to our passengers and our work. Part of our commitment involves keeping our vehicles well maintained. All vehicles in our fleet are MOT'd, serviced, insured yearly and also cleaned and checked regularly. We want to ensure our passengers complete peace of mind when it comes to using our services and travelling in our vehicles.

In line with COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, all of our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and checked before we take on a new journey.

Our drivers.

As well as keeping our vehicles legal, we also keep our drivers insured and trained. All drivers hold the required licensing and insurance and have been trained to work to our strict company guidelines.

Our drivers are friendly and dedicated to making our services the best they possibly can be.

Why choose HH Travels?

When it comes to choosing a transportation company, we know that reliability and safety is the highest priority. Here at HH Travels, we have worked hard to ensure our services are reliable, efficient and competitive for our customers.

  • Dependable and Prompt Services
  • Friendly and Helpful Drivers
  • Coverage Throughout The UK
  • Fleet of Vehicles
  • Licensed and Insured Drivers
  • Flexible Solutions for Any Travel Needs

Any journey, anywhere in the UK.

We're here to get your to where you need to be, safely and efficiently.